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INDIA TREE 30603 Shelled Cardamom, Small Jar 2.3 oz
30603 Shelled Cardamom,
Small Jar 2.3 oz
INDIA TREE 20603 Shelled Cardamom, Caravan 1 oz
20603 Shelled Cardamom,
Caravan 1 oz

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Cardamom is the dried green pod of a bush grown in India since antiquity. It yields an intoxicatingly aromatic seed that is central to Indian and Arab cuisines.

Indians add cardamoms to curries, pilafs, and vegetable dishes. Northern Europeans use it in breads, pastries and cakes. Arabs use it to flavor their coffee. Add a pod of INDIA TREE Cardamom to a cup of hot coffee or tea, or mix ground seeds with the coffee before brewing. Add whole cardamoms to a traditional Indian curry. Combine them with whole cloves, cinnamon, and black peppercorns to flavor Basmati rice. Use them to flavor the liquid for poaching apples and pears.
Use ground cardamom in the making of Swedish cardamom rolls. Blend it with freshly ground pepper and honey to create a sweet and savory marinade for baked chicken.

Milk: No
Fish: No
Tree Nuts: No
Wheat: No
Eggs: No
Shellfish: No
Peanuts: No
Soybeans: No
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